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  3. Hey all, The 21st wipe is coming up and I would like to know what you guys would like for the next map to be, so vote below. If anyone has any other suggestions please comment down below
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  5. Hi All, So ill guess I kick things off with these intos. My name is PROTO I'm in Australia and I'm the Owner and Founder of Electro Gaming Australia. I enjoy playing various amounts of games but mostly into Rust, Friday The 13th: The Game, Dead By Daylight, World of Warships, ARK, Blackwake and may others. If you got any issues feel free to hit me up and ill see what I can do. I'm a pretty easy going as long as you're not a dick. LOL Hope to see you all out there. PEACE
  6. Hi All, Yes we do have a Discord for Electro Gaming and if you wish to join you can do so here:
  7. Hi All, I am proud to announce our Rust server is up and running details are below: Name: ElectroGaming Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad 2/6/17 Active Admins Type: Vanilla IP: Port: 6090 Wipe Schedule: Fortnightly Wipes (Every 2 Weeks) On a Friday World Size: 2700 Map Seed: 38123 Map for the server can be found here: Map_2700_38123#ElectroGaming To connect to the server copy and paste this into the game console: client.connect Events will be run when the population is deemed suitable and this page will update each time the map is wiped with new details. Please note that due this game being "Early Access" the server will update and reboot at the following times: Every Morning @ 6:00 am AEST a Steam Update will occur by force. Every Morning @ 6:30 am AEST a Server Reboot will occur by force. Every Afternoon @ 12:00 am AEST a Steam Update will occur once the server has an empty population. Every Afternoon @ 12:15 am AEST a Server Reboot will occur once the server has an empty population. Please note that due to the server save intervals there is a slight chance that the server once completing the updates could roll back up to 15 min before hand. Apologies for any issues caused.
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