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Server Rules

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For all the server rules please click the PDF file below or you can read them further down:








All rules are subject to change at any given time without notice, it is the duty of all players to check the rules of the server and follow them or suffer any penalties that may result in noncompliance.

At the time of any rules being broken the penalty will be dealt by the admin dealing with the situation at the time. Rules may vary at the discretion of the highest ranking admin online at the time.


Current server staff in order of power are:





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Head Admin

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Trial Moderator

As players are frequently changing their player names or have variations this is the base name for all moderating staff.



The rules for players are as follows:

1.      There is to be strictly no “Third Party Software” or “Private Coding” in the attempt to use for hacking, cheating or used for bug exploits.

2.      There is to be no griefing. This includes placing large external walls, regular walls, doors or tool cupboards of the sort to block a way in or out of a base. (Placing turrets, mines and bear traps are allowed as that is there sole purpose. Griefing will be held at the discretion of the highest-ranking admin online.)

3.      Staff can remove any base items at the discretion of the owner of that base or object. i.e. and incorrect placed wall or box. (NOTE: once the item is destroyed it will not be replaced or compensated for.)

4.      Inside rock and under water bases are not allowed and will be destroyed without warning or compensation.

5.      Calling admin abuse is a serious matter I don’t take lightly please be sure that you are accurate in this matter and post it in the appropriate format on the forums. Calling admin abuse to be a troll or having a fit about Admins spawning in gear with a legit reason will result in a ban.

6.      There will be no posting of anyone’s social media information what so ever.

7.      The server will not tolerate racism, abuse or bullying under any circumstances; the use of any inappropriate language etc. that is deemed harmful to a player or staff will result in punishment. Tolerance to this will be at the discretion of the highest-ranking admin online at the time.

8.      There is to be no “Flaming” if you’re angry or annoyed because you got raided don’t take it out on others. (Remember it’s just a game)

9.      Trolling is in every game however if you are going to be a douche bag and brag about it you will be kicked and or banned.

10.  Do not advertise other websites or game servers.

11.  No impersonating Admins, Moderators or other Players.

12.  There are to be no alternate accounts. If IP’s are found to match that player(s) will be questioned on the 2 or more accounts.

13.  No chat or voice spamming which includes playing annoying sounds or holding the mic button down with clear intent to annoy other players.

14.  Don’t lie to a staff member in an attempt to get free gear etc.

15.  Do not ask staff to teleport your friends as they can’t.

16.  Max group size for players is 4. No rotation of players is allowed. – PROTO will inspect bases and anymore than 4 found maybe banned.

17.  There can be alliances to an extent. For example: Groups can agree to live in the same area without KOS. Groups can’t gather resources or raid together. This will fall under the strict 4-man group only.

18.  Don’t bug staff members with can I have this or that or stupid questions (if you don’t know how to play look up some “How Too’s” on YouTube).


Please Note: When reporting a player or admin you will need some evidence to support your case either a screen shot or recorded video. If you have been a victim of griefing please message an admin to destroy it so they can find out who has done it.



Staff Rules:

1.      Staff can do the following: No clip, destroy objects, God Mode, Act as a Spectator, Mute, Kick, Ban and Teleport. Staff have the ability to spawn in gear however are not allowed to and this is considered admin abuse if caught doing so and should be reported.

2.      Staff can remove any base items at the discretion of the owner of that base or object. i.e. and incorrect placed wall or box. (NOTE: once the item is destroyed it will not be replaced or compensated for.)

3.      Staff take time out of their own gaming experience to assist other players therefore if an admin is assisting a player they are not to be killed unless stated otherwise. Staff do have access to the God command and may use this only on official admin business.

4.      When on official admin business a staff member is not considered a player and therefore if in someone’s base they are not (unless stated by the base owner) allowed to check boxes, neither view base locations nor pass this info on to other players when returning to their normal play time.

5.      Staff can raid bases however they must ensure that “God Mode” is not enabled and they are not allowed to no clip back to the base, no clip inside the base or no clip away from any PVP fights. (If players have issues with this please post it in the admin abuse forum.)

6.      Staff have the ability to kick or ban any player(s) who they believe are not following the server rules, it is at the discretion of the staff member whether or not that a warning will be issued.

7.      Staff are not allowed to no clip from one side of the map to the other unless on admin business if not they must run on foot.


All players are bound by these rules and if found not to be following any rules stated above risk being kicked or banned. If any player states they will DDOS the server or another players they will be permanently banned from all Electro Gaming servers.

Please report any admin abuse in the appropriate forum here -> http://www.electrogaming.net/index.php?/forums/forum/29-admin-abusereports/

As the owner I reserve the right to remove any staff member of their powers if seen fit to do so without warming or explanation. Myself personally I play semi serious, if I spawn gear in it is usually to build, test items, or record a video I don’t see any joy out of using spawned in items to raid or to assist my own play time.

Remember you are a player on a private server so you are a guest so be sure to follow the house rules or you will be kicked out. If you have been banned you can appeal your ban here -> http://www.electrogaming.net/index.php?/forums/forum/17-ban-appeal/










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